Hasan Kadri


  • Service Areas: London

Property Types

  • 38% Terraced House
  • 23% Apartment
  • 23% Flat
  • 15% Other

Property Status

  • 46% Under Offer
  • 31% To Let
  • 23% For Sale

Property Cities

  • 85% London
  • 8% Chingford
  • 8% Essex

About Hasan Kadri

From an early age, my fascination with the real estate and property market burgeoned, largely attributed to my familial exposure to the industry.Over time, this interest evolved into a profound attraction to the myriad challenges and opportunities inherent in a career within the property domain. Consequently, I embarked on a professional journey within the property management sector, progressing from there to roles in both independent and corporate estate agencies.

Throughout my experience I realised that the industry in the United Kingdom was very archaic, so i decided to embark on a journy and established a company to what is known today as Right Step Property experts.

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