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Have you considered a career in Real Estate? Are you open to new challenges and are looking to drive your career to the next level? If your answer is yes, then maybe becoming a Real Estate Professional with Right Step Property Experts could be the perfect career change

Your Own Business

Starting your Right Step Property Expert career is much more than “getting a job”– you’re building your own business. We are offering you the opportunity to develop in an industry with unlimited growth potential. Weather you are starting as an agent-in-training or have experience within the industry,You will not be alone – we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Right Step Property Experts
Right Step Property Experts

We Have You Covered

Regardless of whether you’re a well-seasoned pro or new to the property business, at Right Step Property Experts, your career is in the best possible hands. If you are already an experienced agent switching over to Right Step Property Expert, we will help take your career to the next level and will set you on course for even greater success. If you are new to the industry, we have training programs to get you up and running in no time.

Why Partner with Us

The key Benefits when partnering with Right Step Property Experts

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innovation and commitment

As a UK based independently owned and operated company that has been trading for over a decade, we are driven by the passion, vision and experience of our founder. This entrepreneurial spirit leads to innovation and a strong commitment to the company’s mission to succeed and creates a Close-knit Culture that fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among our Associate agents and team.

Unlike the corporate companies with overseas values and commitments, we embrace British values and have more flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions. We are able to implement new strategies that can be more adaptable to niche markets or specialised services, meaning we are not bound by any bureaucratic processes and standardised offerings of larger American corporations.

The Formula For Success

Like all agents, you may start your journey at a level where you may have no budget and few leads, but your training, mentorship and help along the way will soon take you to the next level, where you will begin to generate leads and create a business plan that boosts your income. Once you’re comfortable with your skills and working more efficiently, you’ll start to see more consistency in results and more conversions. At that point, it might be time to hire an assistant to help you take on more work or even create a team!

The Benefits

There are many benefits you will enjoy by being part of Right Step Property Experts, below are the key benefits of being a self employed Associate Agent.

Uncapped Earnings

You have the opportunity to earn true uncapped earnings, allowing you to maximize your potential without limitations

High Commisions

Unlock the potential to earn 70% of the commission you generate, along with opportunities for additional revenue streams.


Experience the freedom to build your own business, set your own schedule, and work remotely with our platform, empowering you to achieve work-life balance on your own terms

Personal brand

We empower you to cultivate your personal brand, positioning you as the go-to property expert in your area, through tailored support and resources designed to elevate your presence and credibility in the market

Training & Support

Gain access to comprehensive training and mentorship programs tailored to develop your skills, knowledge, and achieve your career and personal goals, empowering you to thrive and excel in your Business.


We harness cutting-edge technology and leverage the latest innovations and systems to improve efficiency and enhance quality, ensuring our Associates stay at the forefront of advancements in their business

How To Apply

Easy guide of the application and joining process

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Click on the Apply now button and register your interest now

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A qualification questionnaire shall be sent to you to fill out and return

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You will be invited to a virtual meeting via google meets to discuss your options



You will be invited to a virtual meeting via google meets to discuss your options

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The onboarding process ensures that you are integrated smoothly into our systems and processes

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Depending on your experience level, you will be enrolled in the relevant training to get you up and running in no time

Frequently Asked Questions

Although legislation could change in the future, currently no qualification is required to become an estate agent in the UK. While no qualification is necessary to get into real estate, it is best to have the right skillset and personality. In fact, above all else, personality is a key element to being a successful real estate agent. You could have several degrees and be a highly decorated academic, but if you don’t have the right traits, you will not make a good estate agent.

Do you want an estate agency job or do you want to be a property professional who has the full experience and is in control. Why invest your time and efforts to build somebody’s else’s business, when you can invest in yourself and build your own business? Right Step Property Experts is home to Property Experts who don’t want to put a ceiling on their earning potential. It is an organisation for entrepreneurial-minded individuals who want to develop their careers in property while building their own business with the support of a well-established company in estate agency.

Like all businesses, there will be setup and running costs. Set up and running costs can differ depending on each individuals’ requirements, as an idea we would estimate around £1500 set up cost which include all required Legislation and registration.  We would estimate the running cost to be around the £500 pm

For starters, brand recognition. Right Step Property Experts has been Established since 2013 How does this help you? People want to work with an established company they know and can trust, being a Right Step Property Experts helps you get your foot in the door. At RIGHT-STEP Real Estate, we want our Associates to have the edge over the competition and be successful in establishing themselves as the best in the industry. To help our Associates on their path to achieving their hopes, dreams, and desires, we put in place the latest training programmes and cutting-edge support structures to make the road a little easier. Associates have access to a comprehensive technology platform designed to help agents keep track of their client network and listings. We also provide training and brand-compliant marketing material for agents to use at will. because we believe that the more you learn, the more you can earn.

Depending on your experience level and establishment on average it would take between 2-4 weeks to be registered, onboarded and complete the basic training process.

Depending on your experience level and establishment on average it would take between 2-4 weeks to be registered, onboarded and complete the basic training process.

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