How To Sell a Home in Need Of Repair in London

How To Sell A Home In Need Of Repair In London

Just because your home is a fixer-upper, that doesn’t mean you can’t sell it for a great price. There is a huge market of family DIY-ers and developers that would love to snap up your home and give it a refresh. Here at Right Step Property Experts, we can help sell any property, no matter the condition. But if you’re worried about buy-ability, check out these tips on how to sell a home in need of...

Do Home Improvements Really Add Value 1

Do Home Improvements Really Add Value?

Well, the answer to this question is ….. maybe! Some might, and some are unlikely to. Some may add to the value, but some may be valuable in other ways. So, here, we at RIGHT-ST take a look at whether all home improvements are equal. We have bags of experience in property in and around London, so if you need some expert advice on exactly what could add value to your home, just get in touch. Call us...

5 Ways To Add Value To Your London Property

5 Ways To Add Value To Your London Property

For homeowners in London looking to add value to their property, house extensions and renovations are pretty much guaranteed to do the job. But what if you’re a homeowner without the time and/or budget to invest in a full-blown extension? We often get landlords asking us this very question: how can I add value to my property with minimal effort and a limited budget? So, the team at Right Step...

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How Long Do I Have To Respond To An Offer On My House?

While there isn’t a specific rule about how long UK sellers have to respond to an offer, it’s best to get back to your buyers as quickly as possible. These decisions shouldn’t be rushed. But, for buyers, putting an offer in on a property is an exciting time. The quicker you respond, the easier it is for them to maintain their excitement about buying your home. Plus, if you accept the offer quickly,...


7 Home Selling Myths…Busted!

When it comes to selling your home in London, there’s a lot of overwhelming information and old wives tales out there, and it can sometimes be difficult separating the fact from the fiction. Advice often comes from well-meaning friends or family members who are just trying to be helpful, but in reality, they are not property experts! Our team at Right Step Property Experts are all experienced property...


5 Tips To Make Your House Look Larger

For many people, buying a bigger house in London or building an extension is an unaffordable dream, but being short of space doesn’t mean you have to feel squashed in your home. Here are 5 tips to help you make your house look larger. 1. Declutter Nothing makes a room feel smaller than unnecessary clutter. Whether it’s paperwork and magazines lying around, or kids’ toys strewn across the living...


As A Seller, What Do I Need To Know About Capital Gains Tax?

If you’re selling a property in London, you may have heard about Capital Gains Tax and may be wondering whether or not you’re liable to pay it. As experts in property, our team at Right Step Property Experts are on hand to give you all the guidance and information you need. Capital Gains Tax – An Overview Capital Gains Tax (or CGT) is taxation on the profits if you sell an asset that has grown...

How Long Will My House Sale Take To Go Through scaled 1

How Long Will My House Sale Take To Go Through?

If you’re selling a home in London, you probably want at least a rough idea of how long the process is likely to take. Understanding the timescales that are likely to be involved is important when it comes to preparing and organising for a move, and as experts in the industry, the team here at Right Step Property Experts can give you a greater insight into the process. How Long Do Sellers Have To...

What is Probate

When Is Probate Required?

If you’ve inherited a property that you want to sell, you’ll usually need to undergo probate before you can progress. The process can be complex, but working with the right estate agent and solicitor can make the sale as smooth and painless as possible. In this article, we’ll explain what probate is, when it’s required and how to sell a property when probate is required. What is Probate? Probate...

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