5 Ways To Add Value To Your London Property

5 Ways To Add Value To Your London Property

For homeowners in London looking to add value to their property, house extensions and renovations are pretty much guaranteed to do the job.

But what if you’re a homeowner without the time and/or budget to invest in a full-blown extension?

We often get landlords asking us this very question: how can I add value to my property with minimal effort and a limited budget? So, the team at Right Step Property Experts have put our heads together and come up with seven easy ways to do just that.

Here’s how to increase your property value in London without breaking the bank or investing too much time:

1. Start by focusing on your kitchen

The kitchen is known as the ‘heart of the home’ for a reason. It’s the room we all tend to spend the most time in when we’re at home. This is why potential buyers value it so much. If your budget only stretches to one single property improvement, make it the kitchen. A great kitchen can add as much as 4% to the value of your home, and a dated kitchen can easily turn buyers off.

Here are some easy kitchen improvement ideas that can add value:

  • Invest in modern worktop surfaces –  check out Pinterest for some kitchen worktop inspiration
  • Get new kitchen tiles – be bold and opt for a few more striking patterned tiles to create a statement backsplash
  • Paint your cupboard doors
  • Swap the cupboard door knobs for quirky ones

Yes, they’re all small changes. But together, they can really help to spruce up a tired looking kitchen!

2. Add more storage space

Never underestimate the appeal of lots of storage space for home buyers.

This is the one thing that we notice time and time again – buyers can easily be turned off a property if they discover that there just isn’t enough storage space.

So, how do you deal with this issue if you simply haven’t got the space?

Here’s how to add extra storage to your London home when space (and budget) is limited:

  • Make use of all that space on blank walls by building shelves. Shelves are much easier to put up than you might think!
  • Work out what you can do with any unused nooks and crannies. For instance, the dead space underneath your stairs. Could you add a cupboard there?
  • No idea where you can add extra storage and exhausted all your options? Study the layout of your property layout, and you may just discover dead space you didn’t even realise existed.

3. Make your home more energy efficient

In this eco-conscious day and age, more and more home buyers are interested in finding out how energy efficient a property is before they invest in it. This doesn’t just stem out of concern for the environment though. An energy-efficient home can also save you a considerable amount on energy bills.

Landlords, make your home more energy-efficient and you’ll instantly make your property more appealing to many renters. Here’s how:

  • Make sure all windows and doors are double glazed for effective insulation
  • Invest in a heating system with easily adjustable settings so that comfortable temperatures won’t mean racking up bills
  • Choose an eco-friendly paint brand for any decorating jobs
  • Invest in LED lights and solar panel heating

These improvements come at a cost, but they’ll benefit your wallet, and our planet, in the long term.

4. Create a more open-plan home

Working with a smaller property? Create the illusion of more space by knocking down a few walls. Do this effectively, and you could boost the value of your London property without any extensions. Modern buyers are attracted to open-plan layouts, which can make a smaller flat or house look more spacious and make it easier for them to move around.

Don’t attempt this yourself though. We recommend consulting a local residential architect who can show you how to do this to maximise the space in your property.

5. Find out what home movers in the London area are looking for

Not quite sure where to start? Have a chat with our team at Right Step Property Experts as we know your area! We have a good understanding of what home movers in your neighbourhood are interested in.

We can also help with recommendations of local suppliers that can offer you great deals on any small renovations and extensions that can add value.

Give us a call today on 0203 092 2987 and a member of our friendly and experienced team will be happy to speak with you further. Alternatively you can email us at info@rspe.io.

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